Walid Shawky
Dentist, political activist and human rights defender.

He is remanded in custody pending Case 880 of 2020.

Doctor Walid Shawky, a prominent member of the April 6 Youth Movement and interested in defending political detainees in Egypt, and because of his solidarity with the detainees, he was arrested on October 14, 2018 from his clinic in Cairo and accused of joining an illegal group and publishing false news in Case No. 621 of 2018.

After 22 months of pretrial detention, he was released with precautionary measures, on August 24, 2020, but after that he was not released and forcibly disappeared and after a month on October 6, 2020 he appeared in the State Security Prosecution to be charged in a new case No. 880 of 2020 for joining an illegal group and publishing false news, which are the same charges as the first case.

To time he is remanded in custody pending the case and it is mentioned that in the last investigation session on February 24, 2021, the detention of Walid Shawky was renewed for 45 days pending investigation, although the State Security Prosecution or National Security Investigations did not provide any evidence to prove the validity of the accusations against him.

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