Egyptwide believes in and promotes collaboration and solidarity between all civil society fronts and individuals in order to identify effective solutions to improve  the human rights situation in Egypt. We are therefore pleased to announce our support for the #First7Steps initiative, a program launched by a coalition of Egyptian civil society organizations with the aim of creating guidelines f ofor the promotion civil liberties, social justice, equality and respect for all human persons in Egypt.

Such guidelines consist in seven key actions for the Egyptian government to undertake in order to create the conditions for an open, democratic and inclusive public space to be joined by all social groups to develop a discourse on civil liberties and and independent peace work.

The 7 points are summarised as follows:

1. Release all political prisoners of all political currents on pre-trial custody and all those imprisoned for their nonviolent activities.

2. End prolonged pre-trial detentions and stop the rotation (Tadweer) of cases on detainees to extend their pre-trial custody.

3. Uplift the state of emergency imposed since 2017 in violation of the Constitution and used to justify the suspension of fundamental freedoms and rights, including the right to a fair trial.

4. Postpone the execution of all death sentences issued in criminal or political cases and submit them to a specialized commission for presidential pardon.

5. End the criminalization of human rights defenders and close case no. 173 of 2011 against civil society organizations.

6. Withdraw the civil status bill and promote a free, inclusive public debate on equitable family policy that guarantees equal rights to women.

7. Free all 600+ websites and digital newspapers of censorship, as such measure has been implemented unlawfully and without a court order.

As Egyptwide we invite all Italian civil society groups and individuals to join the #First7Steps Initiative through these links: